AWNINGS (Commercial, Industrial & Home Awnings):

Awning is a secondary covering attached to the exterior wall of a building, to create shade and protection against the elements.

We offer a wide range of high quality Awnings made to suit your needs. These Awnings are custom made to suit your home, office, patio or anywhere you might need awnings. Our range of awnings include all shapes and sizes, from basic wedge awnings to fashionable pram awnings, from retractable fold arm awnings to expressively stylish drop arm awnings.

We specialize in commercial awnings including trendy restaurants, shopping centres, malls, business parks and car / motorcycle dealerships.

Retractable Awnings :  Stagger-arm Awnings / Fold-arm Awnings / Pram Awnings  can be extended and retracted according to weather conditions.

Pram Awnings can be rolled up through a rope and pully system should the need arise, then dropped into position again.

Fixed Awnings remains in the position they are installed.

Bullnose Awnings, as the name indicates, are a “flattened” version of the fixed dome awnings and allows for a reduced fixing area to maximize head clearance.

Dome Awnings are rounded awnings fixed to a wall – like half a circus tent (but smaller).

Wedge Awnings are wedge shaped, and usually used over windows and doorways.

Bow Awnings are semi-circle shaped and adds the perfect look over rounded doors and windows.

What makes us unique in the commercial sector is that we have taken the time and perfected the art of printing onto our canvas awning products. Branded Awnings create awareness to enhance your company’s exposure.


Retractable Awnings

Fixed Awnings